Practicalities/last info

See you in a week in Prague!

As described in the general instructions on the website, everyone who is coming on the official arrival days* will be picked. We will post more detail information soon. For now, regular shuttle bus is expected from the airport, arrangement for train/bus stations vary during the day.

At the station, look for an organizer with tournament logo (A3 plate).
Airport – Arrivals zone.
Florenc – Bus terminal building (low, red bricks).
Hlavní nádraží (train&Wilsonova bus) – main hall, upper level (around Burger King)

(*plus Saturday KE: 16:30 and KL1357 17:45 arrivals)

Participants coming on different day need to get to the hotel on their own and check-in in the hotel; we will join the early-comers on Saturday evening.
The hotel is approx 30 minutes from airport/train station by public transportation (destination stations Zelená, Čínská od Praha-Podbaba). Google maps are not so good in Prague transportation, are much better. Should the travelers prefer a ride, UBER is the simplest option (the same app you use in other places can be used) or any taxi which is ordered via dispatching/application/web page should be ok (just do not pick taxi on the street, that causes troubles), payment by card needs to be announced in advance.


Parking in Prague is… complicated and the championship is placed in the area with restricted parking.
Parking directly at the hotel is available for 10€/day/car.

Parking on the streets is restricted and marked by color codes:
BLUE lines drawn on the street mean place only for residents with special permissions.
PURPLE lines – you can stay there for 1 day maximum (and than move) and this places are payed, about 8€/day in the end.
NO colored lines on the street – if the place is otherwise ok for parking according to the law (not at the crossing or too close to it/at some entrance…), it can be taken for free. Some places of this kind are in the area of streets Zengrova/Na Míčánce and Paťanka streets (approx 10 minutes walk).
Other parking options – other private parking exist in the area, typically 10-12€ a day.

Tap water in Czech Republic is regularly tested and it is ok for drinking.

Official currency is Czech Crown. Current exchange rate is around 25 Czk per Euro. Do not buy local currency on the street, use official exchanges and check the rate. Good ATMs are those branded by banks, some traveler’s sites does not recommend the Euronet branch. Many shops and services accept cards, but not all of them. Some places accept Euros, but often not in the best rate.

Championships emergency
If necessary contact Jan Zvěřina +420 732 534 727 or Zuzana Vytisková +420 723 009 309.

Universal emergency (police, fire fighters, emergence medical services) phone line 112 is staffed by English speaking operators.
Wednesday 7th at noon a monthly emergency siren test will take place. The duration of the test is two minutes. If you hear it, it means everything is fine 🙂